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Atmel Norway - Tools Distribution

This directory contains source code for modified open-source software that was used in building Atmel AVR GNU Toolchain 3.6.1. Please refer to SOURCES.README for more information.

Atmel AVR 8-bit GNU Toolchain is available with Atmel Studio. To download toolchain alone refer:

Use Atmel Device Family Packs (DFP) for new devices support. You can download Atmel DFPs from here.

How to use Atmel DFPs with Stanadalone toolchain?

# Download DFP from here (e.g. Atmel.ATmega_DFP.1.0.86.atpack)
# Unzip .atpack to packs directory (/home/packs/)
# Invoke avr-gcc with additional option -B to tell gcc where to look for device specific information
e.g. avr-gcc -mmcu=atmega328pb -B /home/packs/Atmel.ATmega_DFP.1.0.86/gcc/dev/atmega328pb/ -I /home/packs/Atmel.ATmega_DFP.1.0.86/include/