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[   ]avr-binutils-2.24.tar.bz2 22Mtar (tape) archive
[   ]avr-gcc-4.8.1.tar.bz2 77Mtar (tape) archive
[   ]avr-gdb-7.8.tar.bz2 35Mtar (tape) archive
[   ]avr-libc-1.8.0.tar.bz22.6Mtar (tape) archive
[   ]avr8-gnu-toolchain- Acrobat Reader file
[   ]avr8-headers- compressed document
[   ] 40KBash script file
[TXT]SOURCES.README1.9KPlain Text file

Atmel Norway - Tools Distribution

This directory contains source code of modified open-source softwares that was used in building Atmel AVR GNU Toolchain 3.4.5. Please refer to SOURCES.README for more information.